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If you smell natural gas or have a natural gas emergency, please call (865) 426-2822 or (423) 562-2795 immediately. We offer 24-hour service 7 days a week.

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For heating… cooking… drying your clothes, natural gas is an excellent choice! Today – more than ever – natural gas offers economy, reliability and environmental advantages. More and more cost-conscious consumers are choosing natural gas not only for the reasonable rates, but also because many of today’s gas appliances pay for themselves in energy savings.

If natural gas is not available in your area, we can still serve your energy needs with reliable propane service.

For heating, cooking and hot water, You’re Always Comfortable with Natural Gas.

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attention budget billing customer

Your Budget Billing gas account with PCUD will reconcile for the year in April. In previous years, the difference between your actual gas bills and your monthly Even Pay amounts was charged or credited to your gas account in a lump sum on your April billing statement. This winter has been the coldest in 30 years and as a result, many Budget Billing customers are experiencing large balances due at reconciliation.

As a result, our policy in regard to Budget Billing reconciliation has changed to allow customers to pay their reconciliation balance over the next 12-month Budget Billing period. Your Budget Billing year-to-date difference will not be charged or credited to your gas account. Instead, the Budget Billing year-to-date difference will be rolled into your monthly Even Pay amount for the following year.

If you want to clear your Budget Billing year-to-date difference in a lump sum as in previous years, please call our office to discuss this option. Also, if you have a credit on your gas account and want to use it to clear this difference, please let us know.

Thank you for your participation in our Budget Billing program.