Powell Clinch

Safety Tips

Carbon Monoxide

Know the symptoms of CO poisoning. At moderate levels, you or your family can get severe headaches, become dizzy, mentally confused, nauseated, or faint. Low levels can cause shortness of breath, mild nausea, and mild headaches, and may have long-term effects on your health. These symptoms are similar to those of the flu, food poisoning, or other illnesses; you should seek medical attention if these types of symptoms persist.

If you smell the odor of natural gas, (rotten eggs) check to see if any appliances have been left on accidentally or if a pilot light has been extinguished. If the odor continues get out of the house then use a neighbor’s house to call us.

What’s That Smell

In an Emergency, you can call
Powell Clinch Utility District 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…
(865) 426-2822 or (423) 562-2795